Available Shifts Feature

Available Shifts Feature

The available shifts feature displays all appointments that have not yet been assigned to an employee. These shifts can be viewed and requested by existing employees and subsequently approved or declined by an administrator.

To request an available shift

  1. Click the Staff module
  2. Click the Available Shifts menu
  3. Click the Request Shift button to the right of a shift you would like to request
  4. Click Yes to the confirmation dialog box

To respond to a shift request

  1. Click on the Admin module
  2. Click on the Shift Requests menu
  3. Click on the Approve or Decline button to approve or decline the request

Additional Information

  1. An email will be sent to the staff member notifying them of the approved or declined request.
  2. If approved, the shift will automatically appear in the staff members schedule.
  3. Declined requests will appear back on the available shifts list for another staff member to request.

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